camp down

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: down - establish or set up a camp
pitch, set up - erect and fasten; "pitch a tent"
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I's jest gwine to camp down, and sleep while I ken.
Let me tell you I have store both of rugs and cloaks, and shall not permit the son of my old friend Ulysses to camp down on the deck of a ship--not while I live--nor yet will my sons after me, but they will keep open house as I have done.
This week players have spoken about how clarification on John Carver's short-term future has settled the camp down.
Be it ice pad or ice road for access, you have to get in late December or January, get the camp down, get it set up, and get whatever you are doing there--construction or drilling or seismic, whatever reason you need to have warm bodies on site and in quantity--get it up and running.
The government instead of answering their demand closed the camp down," Polykarpou said.
He could be available later in the series and we'll look to bring him into camp down the line.
ENGLAND rugby league coach Steve McNamara must be sitting in his training camp down under and thinking: 'Thank goodness, this time it's not me.
Al-Baddawi has suffered from the scourge of civil war and had its share of deaths and destruction, especially at Al-Mankoubine neighborhood, Al-Hara and the governmental hospital surroundings, the Bee valley and Baddawi camp down, reaching Baddawi Mountain.
The Eugene City Council agreed last month to shut the camp down sometime between April 1 and April 15.
It was like a refugee camp down there, with water being handed out.
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