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Noun1.campaign for governor - a race for election to the governorship
campaign, political campaign, run - a race between candidates for elective office; "I managed his campaign for governor"; "he is raising money for a Senate run"
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JB Pritzker's Democratic campaign for governor would have you believe that opponent Dan Biss -- known by his legislative record as "the Bernie Sanders of Illinois" -- is not a true liberal.
The Kellogg native recently filled in temporarily for Jordan in the Idaho House before Jordan decided to pursue her campaign for governor full time.
Valdez announced her campaign for governor in Austin on Wednesday, telling reporters that she had submitted her resignation as sheriff.
But it remains unclear whether he will talk about a campaign for governor or his work at the CFPB.
com/2016/09/21/mayor-i-lied-about-bridgegate-for-fear-of-christie-payback/) political payback to the mayor of Fort Lee, who had declined to endorse Christie in his last campaign for governor.
He describes how he served as a naval officer during World War II and the Korean War, worked as a trial lawyer and business executive, his political campaigns, his attempts to take on the corruption in Chicago and Mayor Richard Daley, his statewide walk during his campaign for governor, and his time in prison for bank fraud, perjury, and false financial statements.
He later worked in the New York City office of an international law firm and mounted an unsuccessful campaign for governor of New York in 2006.
Skot Covert, born at Clarksville and raised in Ozark, missed so many days of high school as a volunteer in Asa Hutchinson's 2006 campaign for governor that his parents were threatened with prosecution for his truancy.
Close to the border with Massachusetts, Obama spoke of Romney's campaign for governor there.
McDonnell's effort to streamline the state's restoration process began with his campaign for governor.
Senator Hank Brown, Strickland's running mate in his campaign for governor in 1986.
Candidate Without a Prayer tells Silverman's life story, from his Orthodox Jewish boyhood through the study of mathematics and his eventual campaign for governor of South Carolina, a campaign he never expected to win.

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