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 (kăm-păn′yə-lĭt, -lāt′)
Shaped like a bell: campanulate corolla.


(kæmˈpænjʊlɪt; -ˌleɪt)
(Botany) (esp of flower corollas) shaped like a bell
[C17: from New Latin campanulātus; see campanula]


(kæmˈpæn yə lɪt, -ˌleɪt)

bell-shaped, as a corolla.
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Adj.1.campanulate - shaped like a bell or campana; "campanulate flowers of the genus Campanula"
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The persistent, campanulate, gamosepalous calyx is comprised of five light green sepals, proximally fused up to [+ or -] 2/5th (5-6 mm) of their length with distal ends [+ or -] 3/5th free from each other.
Five corolla shapes (tubular, slender tubular, tubular-funnel, campanulate and urceolate forms (Fig.
Corolla gamopetalous, tubular-campanulate, infundibuliform, campanulate or hypocrateriform, sometimes with bilabiate apex, aestivation imbricate, zygomorphic; stamens included or exserted, 4, rarely reduced to 2, didynamous, staminode reduced, glabro, rarely elongate and pilose; filaments adnate to the corolla at the base; anthers commonly divergent, generally glabrous, rarely pilose; pollen grains many, in monads, rarely in tetrads or polyads; nectariferous disk generally present; gynoecium bicarpellate, bilocular; ovary superior, multiovulate, placentation axial, stigma bilamelate, lobes sensitive (closing after contact with pollinator).
The flower is yellow, campanulate, 4-6 centimeters long and born at the stem apex.
Continuation of table 1 1 2 Fruit bodies' macrocharacters Cap has little difference colour Cap of young fruit bodies is intensity of young and ripe fruit darker, grey-brown, then it bodies, it is usually of reddish lightens to buff-grey with a hues (meat-red, yellowish red, darker centre; at first it is reddish brown); cap is convex convex, then almost extended, spherical or campanulate in case of sometimes with depression and young bodies and pitching convex mount in the centre.
Hypanthia (at anthesis) 2-3 mm long to the torus and 4-5 mm wide, campanulate, glabrous.
Hydrotheca campanulate, 350-740 [micro]m (n = 10) deep from rim to base, 215-340 [micro]m (n = 10) wide at margin, 100-180 [micro]m (n = 10) wide at diaphragm; diaphragm thin, transversal; operculum with 8-11 triangular to pentagonal valves (n = 10), apparently as folded continuation of hydrothecal wall, but with discrete line demarcating operculum from hydrotheca (only in SEM).
2011 Hoya wongii (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae): a new campanulate flowered species from Brunei (Borneo).