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An assembly or gathering of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts on a local or district level.


a local meeting or assembly of Scouts
[C20: from camp1 + (jamb)oree]


(ˌkæm pəˈri)

a small camp gathering of boy scouts or girl scouts, usu. from a region.
[b. camp1 and jamboree]
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4) Jacobs reports that over seventy additional Scouts who were at the camporee joined Troop 404 for the "makeshift" Jewish service that he orchestrated (5)
He wowed thousands of young Adventists when he played the role of King Nebuchadnezzar at a 2014 church camporee in Wisconsin, according to Adventist Review.
PATHFINDERS YARD SALE: to raise money for the group to attend the Forever Faithful International Camporee, in Oshkosh, Wisc.
25 guides from Yarm, Acklam, Egglescliffe and Billingham have created a 'Friendship Quilt' to take an international camporee in Connecticut, USA ?
Along the way, they share Girl Scout rituals and songs, discuss the scouting mission, and exchange SWAPS, "Special Watchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere or Shared With A Pal," with other sightseeing scouts who are just as excited about the upcoming Camporee.
Four daring girls armed with their scouting skills and friendship vow to get to the bottom of it before the Camporee is over.
GNYC will retain use of the cabins and trails on this portion of the camp through a management agreement, and will also retain the Camporee Field, which comprises approximately 20 acres.
The Webster City Airport and Storm Flying Service hosted a Boy Scout Camporee at the airport for almost 300 scouts.
The donation means the Scouts will be able to attend this weekend's Camporee event in Moorpark.
Darrell continues to assist as a staff person at weekend camps for Trail of the Eagle, Fall Camporee, providing training on scouting skills and merit badges.
PATHFINDERS YARD SALE: to raise money to attend the Forever Faithful International Camporee, in Oshkosh, Wisc.