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An assembly or gathering of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts on a local or district level.


a local meeting or assembly of Scouts
[C20: from camp1 + (jamb)oree]


(ˌkæm pəˈri)

a small camp gathering of boy scouts or girl scouts, usu. from a region.
[b. camp1 and jamboree]
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He joined Scouts five years ago, earned 22 merit badges and attended Camp Baker, Camp Meriweather and various district camporees.
Camporees are held semi-annually, and each is planned around a theme.
RUTLAND - It was Boy Scout camporee time at Treasure Valley, and the troops, it seemed, were ready.
Scouts from all over New England, New York and Canada will attend the annual weekend which is now in its eleventh year, and is one of the largest camporees in New England.
The rooks traditionally look forward to the camporee weekend for it is a time when they are allowed to utilize some of the leadership skills they've learned during their first two months on campus.
He has earned 32 merit badges, attended seven Camporees, received the three-year perfect attendance record and has recruited more than 10 Scouts.
He traveled to several places with Scouts to hike and camp including Treasure Valley, Camp Richard, Nantucket, Cape Cod , Mount Greylock, Mount Washington, winter Klondike campouts, Mass Jams, Camporees and other areas local to Berlin.
Not seeing his face in the trading post area at Boy Scout camporees is going to be strange.
This spring he made a fabulous luau dinner for nearly 200 people," Camporee Director Diana Olson wrote.