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 (kə-nī′, -nāl′)
n. Derogatory
The common people; the masses.

[French, from Italian canaglia, pack of dogs, rabble, from cane, dog, from Latin canis; see kwon- in Indo-European roots.]


the masses; mob; rabble
[C17: from French, from Italian canaglia pack of dogs]


(kəˈnaɪ, -ˈneɪl)

riffraff; rabble.
[1670–80; < French < Italian canaglia pack of dogs < Latin canis]


 the rabble; a mob; the lowest class of people, 1676.
Example: canaille of miscreants, 1680.
References in classic literature ?
It is the educated, the intelligent, the wealthy, the refined, who ought to have equal rights and not the canaille.
If you can keep the canaille of that opinion," said Augustine.
Republican ideas are the first error of youth which seeks for liberty; later it finds it the worst of despotisms,--that of an impotent canaille.
You see all the canaille are in the hands of their owners, while we, the elite of pocket- handkerchiefs, are left here in a corner, like so many cloaks.
I have had no opportunity to find out any thing about the upper classes by my own observation, but from what I hear said about them I judge that what they lack in one or two of the bad traits the canaille have, they make up in one or two others that are worse.
The genial disdain of Michel Rollin, who called them impostors, was answered by him with vituperation, of which crapule and canaille were the least violent items; he amused himself with abuse of their private lives, and with sardonic humour, with blasphemous and obscene detail, attacked the legitimacy of their births and the purity of their conjugal relations: he used an Oriental imagery and an Oriental emphasis to accentuate his ribald scorn.
Surely there is nothing in the canaille to recommend it to your aesthetic soul.
ee karAoke cAEsar shillelAGH tAOIseach bE sEA ocrEAE BEAUchamp bEE sEEing vEHicle seize LEIGH recEIPt pEOple mESne diocESEs gEWgaw kEY honEYEd kIwI minutzIAE chIEf mlHrab torII komIJne [kaas] coutIL canaILLE grenouILLES debris bruit [grand] prIX dahabIYeh fjord kopJE fOEtus onomatopOEIa chamOIs (pl.
I have called this phenomenon the "cycle of production of la canaille," of the rabble, in my "Introduction" to De Giorgi (Melossi, 2002).
4) Si veda Genova, con le sue prostitute descritte come sirene, oppure l'ambiente canaille dell'osteria rappresentata in Firenze.
A competitive nursery was won by top-weight Canaille under a 10lb claimer.
34) Pour une synthese, voir Canaille Kuyu Mwissa, Parente et famille dans les cultures africaines, Paris, Karthala, 2005.