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 (kăn′ə-pā′, -pē)
A cracker or a small, thin piece of bread or toast spread with cheese, meat, or relish and served as an appetizer.

[French, from canapé, couch, from Medieval Latin canāpēum, mosquito net; see canopy.]


(ˈkænəpɪ; -ˌpeɪ; French kanape)
1. (Cookery) a small piece of bread, toast, etc, spread with a savoury topping
2. (Furniture) (in French cabinetwork) a sofa
[C19: from French: sofa]


(ˈkæn ə pi, -ˌpeɪ)

n., pl. -pés.
a cracker or piece of bread topped with cheese, caviar, or other savory food.
[1885–90; < French: literally, a covering or netting, orig. for a bed (see canopy)]
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Noun1.canape - an appetizer consisting usually of a thin slice of bread or toast spread with caviar or cheese or other savory foodcanape - an appetizer consisting usually of a thin slice of bread or toast spread with caviar or cheese or other savory food
appetiser, appetizer, starter - food or drink to stimulate the appetite (usually served before a meal or as the first course)


[ˈkænəpeɪ] N (Culin) → canapé m


nCocktail- or Appetithappen m
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ServeS 12 AS A CANAPE INGREDIENTS 1 loaf of ciabatta bread 400g Datterini or cherry tomatoes, preferably mixed colours 8 basil leaves, chopped, plus extra chopped basil to finish 6tbsp extra virgin olive oil, plus extra for drizzling Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 garlic clove, peeled 250g fresh ricotta
Creative canape options available via 'Artful Dining' include lipstick-shaped gazpacho, goat's cheese lollipops or pasta carbonara served inside an egg yolk, whilst the sweet options range from black forest cube pops, to olive oil madeleines with lemon jus and chocolate powder.
Mon pere a tres vite ejecte ma mere de son canape il a recommence a la traEner jusqu'aux escaliers les voisins se sont encore etonnes.
These croustades are wafer thin and the perfect vehicle for all sorts of canape fillings.
Celebrity chef Matthew Tebbut, owner and head chef at the Foxhunter and regular TV personality, will be holding a Christmas Canape master class at Bellway's prestigious development Ty Gwyn Gardens on Sunday 24th November.
This may have been a flippant comment from a colleague of mine, but it's certainly true and you simply cannot beat a good canape.
Lots of canape bases will keep well if made in advance and stored properly, so include some of these options.
Any canape event is all about fine detail at the last minute.
According to Lucy Cufflin, author of 'Lucy's Food', the canape is very often ignored by party hosts, despite being an easy and cheap way of impressing your friends.
Stephanie Lemus of Westlake Village s hows off her Candied Bacon and Apple Canape in Calabasas.
It includes a champagne and canape reception, a four-course dinner, live entertainment from The Swing Kings and disco till late.