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A shrubby spurge (Euphorbia antisyphilitica) chiefly of western Texas and Mexico, having densely clustered, erect, essentially leafless stems that yield a multipurpose wax.

[American Spanish, diminutive of Spanish candela, candle, from Latin candēla; see candle.]


(ˌkændəˈliːjə; Spanish kandeˈliʎa)
(Plants) either of two wax-coated Mexican shrubs, Euphorbia antisyphilitica or Pedilanthus pavonis (or bracteatus)
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Noun1.candelilla - wax-coated Mexican shrub related to Euphorbia antisyphilitica
slipper plant, slipper spurge - any of several tropical American shrubby succulent plants resembling cacti but having foot-shaped bracts
candelilla wax - a hard brown wax that occurs as a coating on candelilla shrubs
2.candelilla - wax-coated shrub of northern Mexico and southwestern United States
Euphorbia, genus Euphorbia - type genus of the Euphorbiaceae: very large genus of diverse plants all having milky juice
spurge - any of numerous plants of the genus Euphorbia; usually having milky often poisonous juice
candelilla wax - a hard brown wax that occurs as a coating on candelilla shrubs
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For instance, Rainforest Preserve, produced by the USA's Vista Group, features clay from lava fields of Central America for use in facemasks, exfoliants and body scrubs; Columbia's EcoFlora is using Colombian jagua fruit to create natural blue colourings; Peru balsam oil is commonly used in fragrances; while wax produced naturally from the candelilla plant of Mexico is frequently used in organic products as a thickening agent.
The company, in which Petrobank Energy and Resources has a majority stake, said the Candelilla-3 well was producing over 15,600 barrels of oil per day (bpd), taking the total production from three Candelilla wells to 53,000 bpd.
The SCFPwD is a camouflage face paint in a hardened, tube-shaped form, comprised of the following ingredients: Puresyn ME300, Puresyn 1000 (Polydecene), 7V,7V-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide, Multiwax W835 (microcrystalline wax), white beeswax, light candelilla wax, propylparaben, Cab-O-Sil M5 (silica), Thixcin R (trihydroxystearin), Tenox 6 (Zea mays (corn) oil, glyceryl oleate, propylene glycol, BHA, BHT, propyl gallate, citric acid), titanium dioxide, black iron oxides, red iron oxides, yellow iron oxides, chromium oxide greens, ultramarines, and zinc oxide.
neomexicana has not been observed) bordering the floodplain in Presidio County consist of different mixtures of shrubs (creosotebush, honey mesquite, whitethorn acacia, ocotillo, candelilla Euphorbia antisyphilitica, leatherstem Jatropha dioica, blackbush acacia Acacia rigidula, guayacan Porlieria angustifolia), sage, cacti (purple prickly pear, cholla, clavellina), sotol Dasylirion wheeleri, and grasses (chino grama, tobosa).
Succulent-scrub and stem succulent communities are important to desert bighorn sheep, and are dominated by leaf and stem succulents such as lechuguilla, candelilla, guapilla (Hechtia ramillosa), ocotillo, and sangre de drago (Jatropha dioica).
This combination, modified with carnauba or candelilla wax (both from plant sources), makes for a stiff "thixotropic" blend that softens when pressure is applied.
E902 Candelilla wax An anti-caking and glazing agent used in confectionery, chocolate-coated bakery wares, snacks, nuts, coffee beans, dietary food supplements, fresh citrus fruit, melons, apples, pears, peaches and pineapples.
Containing the natural wax of Candelilla leaves, macadamia-nut oil and Vitamin E, the lipcare product can be worn on its own or over lipstick.
It's made with candelilla wax to protect against moisture loss and macadamia nut oil to soothe and soften the delicate skin on your face.
1/2 ounce Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, or Carnauba Wax (Both waxes are plant source waxes.
Candelilla Wax as an Organogelator for Vegetable Oils-An Alternative to Develop trans-free Products for the Food Industry