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Candidosis in children with onco-hematological diseases in Chennai, south India.
Biotyping of Candida strains with regard to the epidemiology of candidosis.
Guideline: vulvovaginal candidosis (AWMF 015/072), S2k (excluding chronic mucocutaneous candidosis).
The specificity varies between 70% and 80%; cross-reactions may occur with blastomycosis, candidosis, and paracoccidioidomycosis.
Clinical use of oral nystatin in the prevention of systemic candidosis in patients at particular risk.
This was followed by Vitiligo (17 cases) and Candidosis (12 cases).
A new form of intraoral delivery of antifungal drugs for the treatment of denture-induced oral candidosis.
Patient and doctor preferences in the treatment of vaginal candidosis.
It is also known by other names such as candidosis, moniliasis, and oidiomycosis.
In otherwise healthy individuals, oral candidosis rarely manifests in the gingiva.