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He was a young man of much mental activity, and, above all, gifted with a spirit of contrivance; but then, his faculties would not tell with great effect in any other medium than that of candied sugars, conserves, and pastry.
What's more important is that candy--or candied breakfast cereals, soft drinks, and other sugary foods--not be part of their daily diets.
Segmental Perspective 10 Sugar Candy 10 Innovation and Positioning Strategies Upstage the Sugar Sector 10 Appeasing the Connoisseur is no Kid's Game 10 Licensing and Novelty: Reviving Fortunes 11 Chocolate Candy 11 Masking the Fall in Volumes 11 Chocolate Candy Market - Competition from Private Label Warded off 11 Weakening Foothold in Mature Markets 11 Squeezing Profitability Vs Industry Ploys 11 Candied Fruits and Nuts 12 Healthy Eating Beefs Up Demand 12 Outlook 12