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n. pl. candlefish or can·dle·fish·es
An oily edible fish (Thaleichthys pacificus) of northern Pacific waters, formerly dried and used as a torch by Native Americans. Also called eulachon.


n, pl -fish or -fishes
(Animals) a salmonoid food fish, Thaleichthys pacificus, that occurs in the N Pacific and has oily flesh. Also called: eulachon


(ˈkæn dlˌfɪʃ)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) -fish, (esp. for kinds or species) -fish•es.
a small, edible, smeltlike fish, Thaleichthys pacificus, of NW coastal waters of N America, so oily that when dried it can be used as a candle.
Also called eulachon.