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Luminous intensity expressed in candelas.


(General Physics) the luminous intensity of a source of light in a given direction: now expressed in candelas but formerly in terms of the international candle


or cand′le pow`er,

(formerly) a measure of luminous intensity expressed in candles.
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Noun1.candlepower - luminous intensity measured in candelas
intensity, intensity level, strength - the amount of energy transmitted (as by acoustic or electromagnetic radiation); "he adjusted the intensity of the sound"; "they measured the station's signal strength"


[ˈkændlˌpaʊəʳ] Nbujía f
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Yankee Candle has launched its first experiential pop-up CandlePower by Yankee Candle, 503 Broadway.
Yankee Candle has opened its first experiential pop-up shop, CandlePower by Yankee Candle, in New York City.
Twenty-five million candlepower," one of the men said, holding up an LED lithium-ion rechargeable spotlight.
It's not clear whether this establishment is skimping on candlepower or the dark, decades-old wall paneling simply absorbs eight out of every 10 watts.
Our searchlights are rated at 12-million candlepower with a motorized beam width adjustment and a strobe," said Annie Thorne, director of sales and marketing.
The Russians had 140 units stationed 200 yards apart producing 100 billion candlepower -it blinded both sides.
Illuminance is candlepower divided by distance squared.
Clockwise from left, the searchlight crew with their trophy, the fin of the Heinkel; a 200 million candlepower searchlight probes the night sky; and the wrecked Heinkel being guarded by two members of the Home Guard on the morning of May 11, 1941 PICTURES COURTESY OF THE EARLSWOOD VILLAGE MUSEUM
Larson Electronics recently released a 30 million candlepower handheld spotlight that is guaranteed to be one of the brightest spotlights on the market today and they are going to give a few away.
We used candlepower back then, a vague, miserable term that translated roughly to a million candlepower equaling half of a compact light from SureFire.
But the case touches a sore spot for the UO: After it had identified the Institute of Neuroscience as one of the university's "clusters of excellence," Awh and his colleague Edward Vogel dimmed the institute's candlepower by moving their labs and their research grants to the University of Chicago.
It has more than 400 candlepower thanks to its OptiCube lens technology and it only needs one AA battery and one LED to help it run up to 15 hours in constant mode or up to 60 hours in flashing mode.