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Luminous intensity expressed in candelas.


(General Physics) the luminous intensity of a source of light in a given direction: now expressed in candelas but formerly in terms of the international candle


or cand′le pow`er,

(formerly) a measure of luminous intensity expressed in candles.
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Noun1.candlepower - luminous intensity measured in candelas
intensity, intensity level, strength - the amount of energy transmitted (as by acoustic or electromagnetic radiation); "he adjusted the intensity of the sound"; "they measured the station's signal strength"


[ˈkændlˌpaʊəʳ] Nbujía f
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In the column that led the Focus page the Sunday after the columnist died, the paper's editor and Tammariello's friend, Thomas Mitchell, wrote, "the collective intellectual candlepower of the city of Las Vegas dimmed" the night the 48-year-old columnist died.
We'll soon learn how many lumens of candlepower will or will not be focused on the NYSE directors who approved his lavish compensation packages.
The intellectual candlepower that illuminates the book is striking,
5 continuous hours and emits up to 12,000 candlepower of light; the 2AA (6.
At each airport along the airway, there was a one million candlepower rotating light beacon.
For example, a 7-inch long Streamlight rechargeable flashlight offers just as much candlepower as an alkaline battery-powered flashlight more than twice its size.
Lighthouse D has 1/2 the candlepower of Lighthouse C.
The high-performance LM16 LED Lamp delivers the industry's best center beam candlepower for 25x beam angles - making it ideal for a wide spectrum of applications in retail, hospitality and residential settings.
exact dimensions, lumen output, beam spread, maximum centerbeam candlepower, materials, lenses, accessories, etc.
Eugene's dimming playoff hopes picked up a flicker more candlepower Thursday night.
FIATO is a new LED line of high output track and recessed fixtures with focused lumens and intense center beam candlepower to ensure that pleasing white light is delivered precisely on target, bringing out the true color and attention to produce, apparel and other merchandise.
To put it very simply, candlepower is a measure of light emitted by one candle in a given direction.