candy striper

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candy striper

A volunteer worker in a hospital.

[From the resemblance of the volunteer's red and white striped uniform to a candy cane.]

can′dy strip`er

a volunteer worker at a hospital, esp. a teenager.
[1960–65; so called from the red and white striped uniform often worn]
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Noun1.candy striper - a volunteer worker in a hospitalcandy striper - a volunteer worker in a hospital  
unpaid worker, volunteer - a person who performs voluntary work
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Chamberlain Jackson (James Earl) - a candy striper at C.
Her ill-fitting, striped bandeau column dress by British designer Emilia Wickstead made her look like one of those candy striper volunteers you get in American hospitals and the flats are definitely for daytime only.
On this occasion you aren't volunteering as a candy striper, you are gaining access by writing a check.
It started when I was in high school and began volunteering as a candy striper .
When I was 16, I started volunteering at a local hospital as a candy striper.
As a member of the executive of the Soldiers' Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, she, along with an amazing troupe of amateur performers, raised thousands of dollars towards completing the construction of the hospital and raising funds for the Candy Striper Program.
CANDY STRIPER The stripe mantra for this season is 'the bolder the better'.
If the goal of the newsletter (or perhaps just that issue) is to get people to volunteer for something--perhaps teaching a religious ed class, being a candy striper in a hospital, or some other function--include stories by or about volunteers who find what they do tremendously satisfying and enjoyable.
Grace is a candy striper at Hanover House retirement community, where she meets Mr.
Prepped by the encyclopedia and back issues of People, Beauty explores the 21st century with her beloved, the castle's erstwhile groundskeeper's son reincarnated as a hospital Candy Striper (an utterly winning Russell Harvard).