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A dense thicket of cane.


(Agriculture) US a thicket of canes



a thicket of canes.
[1765–75, Amer.]
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Noun1.canebrake - a dense growth of cane (especially giant cane)
brush, coppice, copse, thicket, brushwood - a dense growth of bushes
Arundinaria gigantea, cane reed, giant cane - tall grass of southern United States growing in thickets
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I ran furiously up the slope, over it, then turning eastward along a rocky valley fringed on either side with jungle I ran for perhaps a mile altogether, my chest straining, my heart beating in my ears; and then hearing nothing of Montgomery or his man, and feeling upon the verge of exhaustion, I doubled sharply back towards the beach as I judged, and lay down in the shelter of a canebrake.
There he seemed to see familiar faces of comrades who had grown up with him from infancy; he saw his busy wife, bustling in her preparations for his evening meals; he heard the merry laugh of his boys at their play, and the chirrup of the baby at his knee; and then, with a start, all faded, and he saw again the canebrakes and cypresses and gliding plantations, and heard again the creaking and groaning of the machinery, all telling him too plainly that all that phase of life had gone by forever.
On the eve of the wedding the groom's parents honored the couple with a rehearsal dinner at the Canebrake Country Club.
Some--like indigo snakes, canebrake rattlesnakes, and northern pine snakes--are declining throughout much of their range.
Canebrake rattlers and copperheads may be sighted in the northern reaches of the state.
The idea of establishing a canebrake for the center's entrance led to the use of rivercane images as a frit pattern on the entry tower to reduce glare and decrease solar transmission for energy efficiency.
Puryear served as the head golf professional at Wynlakes Golf and Country Club (Montgomery, AL), Decatur Country Club (Decatur, AL), and Canebrake Golf Club (Athens, AL), before starting his company, P.
Tenders are invited for Engineering Services for Canebrake Road Improvements.
Not the wet soybean fields or canebrake or the red-winged
Cid emerges from the canebrake, his cheek bloodied, Sara carries him back to the farmhouse, and she dresses his wound.
He is accused of importing two endangered species - two canebrake pitcher plants and one green pitcher plant - without the correct permits.
The quotations come from Wexler, Fire in a Canebrake, 81, 92.