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Noun1.canecutter - a wood rabbit of southeastern United States swamps and lowlandscanecutter - a wood rabbit of southeastern United States swamps and lowlands
genus Sylvilagus, Sylvilagus - North American rabbits
cottontail, cottontail rabbit, wood rabbit - common small rabbit of North America having greyish or brownish fur and a tail with a white underside; a host for Ixodes pacificus and Ixodes scapularis (Lyme disease ticks)
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Brock Built, a woodworking firm, and Canecutter Media, a business products printer.
Her father was not called Marko Demidenko and was not the illiterate Ukrainian taxi driver and former canecutter in Northern Queensland she had claimed him to be (for a time this fictional character was by far the most famous taxi driver in the whole of Australia).
Brazilian researchers estimate that average daily caloric intake for Northeastern canecutters was 1,500 calories in the early 1980s, down from 1,700 thirty years before; and chronic malnutrition, and even starvation, are endemic.