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a. A slender, strong but often flexible stem, as of certain bamboos, reeds, or rattans.
b. A plant having such a stem.
c. Such stems or strips of such stems used for wickerwork or baskets.
2. A bamboo (Arundinaria gigantea) native to the southeast United States, having long stiff stems and often forming canebrakes.
3. The stem of a raspberry, blackberry, certain roses, or similar plants.
4. Sugarcane.
5. A stick used as an aid in walking or carried as an accessory.
6. A rod used for flogging.
7. A glass cylinder made of smaller, variously colored glass rods that have been fused together, used in glassmaking.
tr.v. caned, can·ing, canes
1. To make, supply, or repair with flexible woody material.
2. To hit or beat with a rod.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin canna, small reed, from Greek kanna, of Semitic origin; see qnw in Semitic roots.]

can′er n.


(ˈkeɪ nər)

a person who works with cane.
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The iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles debuted a line of pool uniforms designed by Eli Caner this summer.
All the political parties are on one side and PTI who works for juice is on the other Similarly PTI chief runs Shaukat Khanam Caner hospital Lahore and Tarakai House leaders also carried out various activities for the welfare of the people.
Correction page 284-285/Duzeltme sayfa 284-285: Thoraco-Omphalopagus conjoined twins Kadir Serafettin Tekgunduz, Hasim Olgun, Ibrahim Caner, Naci Ceviz
Guttridge and Caner are both names with excellent reputations for high quality products and am very pleased to be associated with them," remarked Roger Horner.
In his testimony this week, Caner said he began to grow concerned about the project after two funds he advised had invested around $24.
Men's health and prostate caner in particular isn't something that's spoken about openly and it's vital that people know about its existence and the symptoms.
All four babies died within a few months of surgeon Caner Salih starting at the hospital.
Jerry Falwell, says Ergun Caner, dean of the school's Baptist Theological Seminary, fabricated or exaggerated his account of being a former Muslim extremist rescued by Jesus.
At the core of the Marathon of Hope is Isadore Sharp, founder, CEO and chairman of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, who was the first corporate sponsor when Terry Fox, a young Canadian man suffering from Caner began his courageous Marathon of Hope in 1980.
Meanwhile, Combined Task Force (CTF) 152 commander Rear Admiral Kurt W Tidd welcomed newly-appointed CTF 151 commander Turkish Rear Admiral Caner Bener aboard aircraft-carrier USS Dwight D Eisenhower.
The test is part of a $1 billion campaign by Genentech to expand uses of the drug, already approved for advanced colon, lung and breast caner.
Caner professor of management, and Josh Stillwagon, doctoral student in economics at UNH's Whittemore School of Business and Economics, UNH contributes some $800 million in revenue generation, employment and expenditures as well as more than $560 million by adding to the state's skilled workforce.