canned food

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Noun1.canned food - food preserved by canningcanned food - food preserved by canning    
food product, foodstuff - a substance that can be used or prepared for use as food
canned meat, tinned meat - meat preserved in a can or tin
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From there they got canned food and material for repairs, but their operations were greatly impeded by the hostility of a band of men amidst the ruins of the town, who sniped them and tried to drive them away.
He recognized numerous articles from the cruiser --a camp oven, some kitchen utensils, a rifle and many rounds of ammunition, canned foods, blankets, two chairs and a cot--and several books and periodicals, mostly American.
The agency warned consumers that the canned food could be harmful to pets.
The Philippine Food and Drug Administration would like to inform the public to be wary of the following circulating unverified, misleading, and false information online and text messages concerning canned food products from Thailand allegedly not safe for consumption due to contamination with HIV," its stated.
Can you recall ever being in someone's kitchen where they didn't have a stack of canned food products in the cupboard?
every tuesday to collect donations of canned food items at the organization's "2-Can Tuesdays" event.
Evanger's canned food appeared on WDJ's "approved canned dog foods" in our October 2016 issue.
Bisphenol, phthalates, polyvinylchloride, and hexachlorobenzene are some of the compounds which are used in canned food for lining and preservative purposes.
To promote "the myriad benefits canned foods offer," CMI created Cans Get You Cooking, which, according to Rosenblatt, has led to "a sizable lift in canned food sales for those retailers partnering with" the initiative.
Home canned food tastes better, especially since it contains your favorite varieties of vegetables or fruits, instead of generic or substitute ingredients (such as commercially canned pumpkin containing other kinds of winter squash), and the ingredients are all fresh.
5 percent of the total value of canned food exports.