canned goods

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Noun1.Canned goods - food preserved by canningcanned goods - food preserved by canning    
food product, foodstuff - a substance that can be used or prepared for use as food
canned meat, tinned meat - meat preserved in a can or tin
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Canned goods were turned out that made men laugh, for canned goods on the Long Trail is a thing to dream about.
Those in the cabin broke into the food lockers, and those above scrambled down and joined them in a feast on our crackers and canned goods.
I selected mainly from the canned goods, and by the time I was ready, willing hands were extended from above to receive what I passed up.
00 credit towards the fine upon donation of 10 cans of non-perishable canned goods.
The market is in long-term decline, despite recent economic instability, a factor that in previous years appeared to favour canned goods.
Supply of canned goods and groceries in favor of the client device formations food metropolis.
COUNTRYSIDE: If you plan to stock up on store-bought canned goods, do not get cans with pull-tab lids.
Drop off your donations of canned goods, non-perishable items, new toys, or cash at the St.
The 9 Mile Music Festival is responsible for collecting over two (2) million canned goods over its 18 year span, in an effort to continuously give back to its community.
2bn with 98% household penetration does not herald a 'death' of any sort, even a long, slow one (Focus on Canned Goods, 30 July, P43).
Los Angeles Federal Credit Union, Los Angeles, donated 100 canned goods to The Midnight Mission in downtown Los Angeles, a social service agency that annually serves a Tanksgiving meal to over 3,000 people.
This book offers recipes for common bulk-buy foods, from sun-dried tomatoes to various cheeses, meats, and canned goods.