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Noun1.canned hunt - a hunt for animals that have been raised on game ranches until they are mature enough to be killed for trophy collections
hunting, hunt - the work of finding and killing or capturing animals for food or pelts
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PROTEST FAILS TO HALT RABBIT HUNT: A "family rabbit hunt" designed to teach novice hunters about rabbit hunting was held as scheduled Saturday, even though the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission voted to "postpone" the event after a dozen demonstrators appeared at its meeting to protest "a canned hunt held on a refuge.
This animal wouldn't have been used in a canned hunt because it was a female and doesn't have antlers.
A canned hunt is one of the most egregiously cruel forms of hunting, because wild animals are confined in fenced enclosures, often raised by hand and artificially fed, then offered up to high paying customers to shoot for trophies.
A canned hunt takes place on enclosed property where hunters pay fees to kill captive animals.
Prescott also points out that passing the bill could open up the black market trade in wildlife as well as block current efforts to rein in the canned hunt industry.
Maybe we can expand that awareness to stop canned hunts as well.
May I suggest you spend your time doing something worthwhile like shutting down canned hunts in Texas and elsewhere.
We've all seen or heard the stories: "famous" hunters caught tagging genetically-engineered deer from another state to promote video sales; game farms that guarantee a trophy buck of "x" inches for "x" dollars; canned hunts.
AS an animal lover and People reader, I am urging you to end the cruel canned hunts taking place in South Africa.
We've restricted AZA institutions from sending any animals to auctions, canned hunts or other unsavory places," he explains.
Wisconsin state officials have issued warnings of the potential for the spread of brucellosis and tuberculosis to domestic livestock by large exotic ungulates brought in regularly, and Michigan's deer herds (where canned hunts are common) already carry the latter.
During canned hunts, people pay thousands of dollars to kill captive-raised, tamed deer in a contained environment.