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A bituminous coal that burns brightly with much smoke.

[Perhaps short for cannel coal, dialectal variant of candle coal (from its bright flame).]
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Tenders are invited for Annual rate contract for Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance of Submersible Pump Installed at Kharikat Cannel and Various Drainage Pumping Stations.
G CANNEL Tel: 0191 438 5796 and R WALES Tel: 0191 420 2825 SERGEANT Jack Lennox was a friend of my grandfather John Cliff and they were both in the Royal Engineers Wallsend TA during the war.
BEIRUT, Aug 24 (KUNA) -- Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah group Hassan Nasrallah pinpointed "a cannel of negotiation" between his party and the so-called Islamic State (IS) on the latter pulling out from the eastern border areas.
It also touched on the successful visit of the British envoy to the Sudan, Mathiew Cannel, past May.
We finish our dinner with fresh berries soup with rhubarb sorbet, and chocolate cannel with red fruits jam and vanilla ice cream.
and exit and entry points would be sealed at CRB cannel, Darya Khan bridge, Qureshi Morre, Metrological Department road, new Bannu Chungi and Dinpur road to thwart terrorist activity in the city wherein a total of 226 programmes were planned to be held these days.
The Coordination Committee of MQM, referring to some private TV cannel, in a statement said that "the analysis was baseless, highly speculative and misleading.
I learned this as soon as I slipped into the stately Old World lobby of Haifa's Dan Cannel and was guided to an ornately decorated room with a majestic king-sized bed.
O'Connor Capital Partners and Wafra Investment Advisory Group, via O'Connor/Wafra Retail Partners, have acquired Cannel Plaza, a 111,781 s/f luxury lifestyle center in Carmel, California.
Another 12 km cannel would be constructed in the province's Narang district at a cost of 82 million afs, he said.
The vessel had arrived in Qatar on January 15 this year at the end of a month-long journey crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Suez Cannel, Red Sea, Arabian Sea and through the Arabian Gulf.
The South Korean electronics giant said it had not been involved in production of the TV spot, produced by Israeli cable TV cannel HOT.