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A groove around the cylinder of a bullet.

[French, alteration of cannelature, from Old Italian cannellatura, from cannello, small tube; see cannelloni.]


(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a groove or fluting, esp one around the cylindrical part of a bullet
[C18: from French, ultimately from Latin canālis canal]
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Patented "skiving" tooling marks the lead and jacket on top and a cannelure keeps the jacket on the bullet as it penetrates glass.
25-20, but functions through the 1894's magazine when seated with the crimping cannelure about 0.
When the ejector rod is pushed, the tabs protrude and engage the cannelure of each case pulling it from the chamber.
The first step was to remove the Trophy Bonded Tip's cannelure to reduce drag.
Le chiffre d'affaires de la societe Sotipapier, realise au cours du 1er trimestre 2017 est en baisse de 13% par rapport au 1er trimestre 2016 avec une baisse des ventes de papier kraft (-19%) et une legere diminution des ventes de papier cannelure et Testliner (-2%).
A heavy cannelure locks the rear-inserted core in place and provides a groove to crimp case mouths against to prevent movement during heavy recoil.
It had a brass rimless case with a bullet-seating cannelure, and was loaded with a 230-grain, cupronickel-jacketed bullet traveling at 800 fps.
The cases had a firm, uniform cannelure beneath the bullet base to prevent bullet setback on feeding.
The 180-grain 10mm Elite Performance V-Crown Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) features a toothed cannelure located halfway up the shank of the bullet.
lt;<Des chasseurs de la fin de l'age glaciaire dans la region du lac Megantic : decourverte des premieres pointes a cannelure au Quebec.
Cartridge overall length (COL) is important for proper functioning in lever guns, and the cannelure on the 110-grain FTX is positioned in exactly the right place to achieve the 2.