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A groove around the cylinder of a bullet.

[French, alteration of cannelature, from Old Italian cannellatura, from cannello, small tube; see cannelloni.]


(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a groove or fluting, esp one around the cylindrical part of a bullet
[C18: from French, ultimately from Latin canālis canal]
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Match bullets have thin copper jackets that are made to optimize external ballistics, while hunting bullets (and their thicker jackets, cannelures and bonding efforts) focus almost exclusively on terminal effects.
This easy-to-use, steel-frame tool allows the home reloader to apply precise cannelures to most jacketed bullets in calibers from .
405, but the cannelures are located a little far back for crimping in the .
30-30 have their cannelures placed at a certain distance from the nose of the bullet.
30-06, the Factory Crimp Die can crimp bullets that don't have cannelures when you need the bullet to stay in place.
Lon Skutt, of Custom Engineering in Saginaw, Michigan, meticulously turned down the rim and cut new extractor cannelures.