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adj. can·ni·er, can·ni·est
1. Careful and shrewd, especially where one's own interests are concerned.
2. Cautious in spending money; frugal.
3. Scots
a. Steady, restrained, and gentle.
b. Snug and quiet.

[From can.]

can′ni·ly adv.
can′ni·ness n.
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Adv.1.cannily - with foresight; "more presciently than they superiors, these workers grasped the economic situation"


[ˈkænɪli] adv (= cleverly) → astucieusement


advclever, raffiniert; (involving money also) → geschäftstüchtig; (with plans also) → gewieft
References in classic literature ?
We shall get you off cannily, Dick: and it will be better, both for your sake, and for that of the poor creature in yonder.
But that won't be just yet," Miss Bordereau continued cannily, as if to correct any hopes that this courageous allusion to the last receptacle of her mortality might lead me to entertain.
there was naething left for't, when madam's fingers had grippit me, but to slip through them as cannily as I could.
Even my conversation with Eliza had been enlivened by her presence, though I knew it not; and now that she was gone, Eliza's playful nonsense ceased to amuse me - nay, grew wearisome to my soul, and I grew weary of amusing her: I felt myself drawn by an irresistible attraction to that distant point where the fair artist sat and plied her solitary task - and not long did I attempt to resist it: while my little neighbour was exchanging a few words with Miss Wilson, I rose and cannily slipped away.
It looks unco' quiet," said he; "but for all that we'll lie down here cannily behind a dyke, and make sure.
The eccentricities of white-collar work are cannily lampooned in this quirky comedy, set in a Bristol call centre.
Sofia Coppola cannily captures the pratfalls of society's mindless infatuation with low-brow culture.
Chezza can be - 2010 saw her cannily slamming David Cameron, calling him "slippery" and saying it would feel wrong not to vote Labour due to her working-class background.
Cannily, Britain retained a number of important treaty concessions aimed at securing access to Iraq's rich oilfields and allowing the right to maintain certain garrisons.
By cannily combining our sticky fascination for shows like One Born Every Minute with Mellor's knack for interlocking stories about ordinary West Yorkshire folk, this feels instantly familiar, a sensation helped no end by the large ensemble cast made up of very recognisable faces you'll spend a happy hour ticking off.
Mick Philpott is a cannily savvy individual who understood how to capitalise on his notoriety as a proud scrounger with a mistress and a wife and 17 kids to achieve 15 minutes of fame.
95 pbk), Change the Locks & Cannily, Cannily Simon French (A$16.