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 (kə-nō′lē, kă-)
n. pl. can·no·lis
A fried pastry roll with a sweet creamy filling.

[Italian, pl. of cannolo, tube, diminutive of canna, reed, from Latin; see cane.]


pl n
a Sicilian pudding of pasta shells filled with sweetened ricotta


(kəˈnoʊ li)

n., pl. -li, -lis.
a deep-fried tubular pastry shell filled with sweetened ricotta and often bits of citron, chocolate, or nuts.
[1940–45; < Italian, pl. of cannolo, derivative of canna reed, cane]
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They were baking cannolis on GBBO the other week or freakin' cannolis, as I remember them.
Pizzeria & Restaurante featuring old world flavor pizza, Italian dishes , cannolis, tiramisu and fresh baked brick oven bread .
The night concluded with a spectacular Batman Fireworks display and the guests were all treated to fresh Bat macarons and fresh cannolis from a Cannoli Vending Truck Outside.
I also enjoy the free Wi-Fi airport-wide, and if a flight is super-delayed, it's just a quick $2 "T" ride to the north end, the Italian section, for cannolis and pizza.
Plain, pistachio and white chocolate raspberry mini cannolis sell for $1.
The CNN anchor shipped two dozen cannolis from Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, N.
Dean Martin is still singing "That's Amore" in the background, and the cannolis are still made fresh every morning.
Lily was a total fan for life once he introduced her to cannolis - the allegiance was set.
I Dolce's product line-up includes gelato and sorbetto in pint containers, pre-portioned 12-packs and pies, cannolis and tartufos.
Vaccaro's Desserts still uses original family recipes and is now a major wholesale supplier of tiramisu and cannolis to food distributors in 17 states.
On the decadent side, Mini Shells can showcase treats like truffles, nuts, cannolis and tarts.
Tofutti is undoubtedly one of the kings with its tiny "cutie" (a popular combination of soy-based chocolate, vanilla, wildberry or peanut butter filling between two chocolate wafers), but its frozen dessert concoctions go on to include pints, "too toos" (chocolate chip cookie sandwiches), crumb cake bars, cannolis and dessert cakes as well.