cannon ball

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also cannon ball (kăn′ən-bôl′)
1. A round projectile fired from a cannon.
2. A jump into water made with the arms grasping the upraised knees, usually intended to make a big splash.
3. Something, such as a fast train, that moves with great speed.
4. Sports A fast low serve in tennis.
intr.v. can·non·balled, can·non·ball·ing, can·non·balls
1. To travel with great speed.
2. To jump into water while grasping one's upraised knees with one's arms.
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Noun1.cannon ball - a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannoncannon ball - a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon
projectile, missile - a weapon that is forcibly thrown or projected at a targets but is not self-propelled
References in classic literature ?
Again a head shot swiftly out, and the great Lion went rolling down the hill as if he had been struck by a cannon ball.
In this dilemma, Uncas lighted on the furrow of the cannon ball, where it had cut the ground in three adjacent ant-hills.
He is annihilating the crooked streets and building in their stead noble boulevards as straight as an arrow--avenues which a cannon ball could traverse from end to end without meeting an obstruction more irresistible than the flesh and bones of men--boulevards whose stately edifices will never afford refuges and plotting places for starving, discontented revolution breeders.
They would not have moved out of the way of a cannon ball just then; but under the circumstances, one was not obliged to practise the maxims laid down by the Child's Guide to Manners.
Well," said he, "I hardly know; we always liked to hear the trumpet sound, and to be called out, and were impatient to start off, though sometimes we had to stand for hours, waiting for the word of command; and when the word was given we used to spring forward as gayly and eagerly as if there were no cannon balls, bayonets, or bullets.
We also want to spend more time on the anchor site, the cannon ball area, and the Kirby site.
WORKMEN have uncovered a stash of bones and a large cannon ball while digging out and laying gas mains in Guisborough.
AYDIN (CyHAN)- People found a cannon ball, which is believed to be used during the World War I, in the western province of Aydyn's Nazilli district on Tuesday.
Today there is a hole in the stair balustrade that marks the landing of a cannon ball during the siege.
Which building in Athens was destroyed by a Venetian cannon ball in the 17th century?
A cannon ball hit him as he rode beside Wellington.
The five-foot iron swivel cannon was found alongside a larger cannon, the muzzle of another cannon, a cannon ball, coins and a button at Rest Bay, Porthcawl, in January 2014 after severe storms stripped feet of sand off the beach, uncovering the treasure underneath.