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A member of a religious community of women living under a common rule and bound by vows of obedience, chastity, and in some cases poverty.


(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church a woman belonging to any one of several religious orders and living under a rule but not under a vow


(ˈkæn ə nɪs)

a member of a Christian community of women living under a rule but not under a vow.
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He was becoming very sweet upon the Grafinn Fanny de Butterbrod, a very gentle tender-hearted and unassuming young creature, a Canoness and Countess in her own right, but with scarcely ten pounds per year to her fortune, and Fanny for her part declared that to be Amelia's sister was the greatest delight that Heaven could bestow on her, and Jos might have put a Countess's shield and coronet by the side of his own arms on his carriage and forks; when--when events occurred, and those grand fetes given upon the marriage of the Hereditary Prince of Pumpernickel with the lovely Princess Amelia of Humbourg- Schlippenschloppen took place.
1002), was a 10th-century German secular canoness, as well as a dramatist and poet who lived and worked at Gandersheim Abbey in modern-day Bad Gandersheim, Lower Saxony, established by the Ottonian dynasty.
translated six plays by Saxon canoness Hrotswitha (ca.
In a modest contest where the form figures of most of her rivals contain more letters than numbers, the battle for minor placings may chiefly concern Hooky's Quest and The Canoness.
IN the latter half of the tenth century, the Catholic canoness Hrotsvit lived in the thriving abbey of Gandersheim in Saxony and wrote legends, plays and epics, many of which focus on God's empowerment of women.
During the reign of Emperor Otto the Great (962-973), Hrotsvit was a canoness in the German convent Gandersheim who wrote Latin poems, stories, plays, and histories.
Only a handful of the 22 entries for the Open Mares Maiden Race have produced any worthwhile form to date and it might pay to take a chance with The Canoness, who was just behind the leaders when unseating two out at Aspatria last May.
If the new label was to succeed,Barbara,now the Augustinian canoness, Sister Mary Barbara, would need permission from the formidable prioress to produce more of her drawings.
These suggest that she was a canoness in the religious community at Gandersheim in Saxony during the royal and imperial reign of Otto I.
Aside from these beguines, whose thought receives its most searching analysis to date, McGinn treats a wide range of female mystics in chapters 4 through 6, ranging from well-known saints like Gertrude of Helfta to figures as obscure as Margaret the Cripple, a recluse, and the canoness Christina of Hane.