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A person specializing in canon law.

can′on·is′tic, can′on·is′ti·cal adj.


(Ecclesiastical Terms) a specialist in canon law


(ˈkæn ə nɪst)

a person who is a specialist in canon law.
can`on•is′tic, can`on•is′ti•cal, adj.
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Noun1.canonist - a specialist in canon law
specialiser, specialist, specializer - an expert who is devoted to one occupation or branch of learning
Adj.1.canonist - pertaining to or characteristic of a body of rules and principles accepted as axiomatic; e.g. "canonist communism"
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10) John of Kent was an English canonist who belonged to what is known as the Anglo-Norman school of canon law.
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Joseph Sanders, a canonist, didn't have much personal contact with Mother, but was important adviser of Archbishop Perier in the matter of foundation and MC Constitution.
As a canonist who has examined thousands of failed marriages, I wholeheartedly recommend stronger marriage preparation in parishes that will help couples identify potential problem areas in their upcoming marriages.
He left his role as parish priest in 1979 and began a career as a canonist, participated in the Arabic translation of 1983 Code of Canon Law and became president of the Ecclesiastical Court of Jerusalem in 1988.
Whereas the Stoics construed natural law to refer to the cosmic order, the canonist of the twelfth century construed it to mean jus, the modern sense of right.
In a preemptive defense against peevish reviewers, McGuckin notes that he is not a canonist, a lawyer, or even a historian of law (11); neither is his book about canon law per se.
A canonist, he had no diplomatic experience coming into the job, and the main battle lines drawn in the Curia today come down to his loyalists and those still loyal to his predecessor Cardinal Angelo Sodano.
One canonist reminded him that much of the problem lies with so-called "Catholic" schools that have not taught dogma or doctrine for the past 50 years.
Prominent in the discussion are Augustine and the canonist William Durandus (d.
Norman Doe, an eminent Anglican canonist and professor at Cardiff University and director of its Centre for Law and Religion, drafted the document as part of the Network's mandate from the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC).
It is during this period (1325) that Guido Vernani was given by the Pope the task of reading and explaining to laity and clergy Pope John XXII's bull of excommunication of Ludwig, and it is in this spirit that the Dominican canonist conceived the Refutation as one of a number of reprobationes that the Guelphs were to use in order to rebut imperial treatises such as those of Marsiglio of Padova and William of Ockham.