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tr.v. can·on·ized, can·on·iz·ing, can·on·iz·es
1. To declare (a deceased person) to be a saint and entitled to be fully honored as such.
2. To include in the biblical canon.
3. To include in a literary canon.
4. To approve as being within canon law.
5. To treat as sacred; glorify.

can′on·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
can′on·iz′er n.
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Adj.1.canonized - accorded sacrosanct or authoritative standing
authorised, authorized - endowed with authority
References in classic literature ?
In old Colonel Pyncheon's funeral discourse the clergyman absolutely canonized his deceased parishioner, and opening, as it were, a vista through the roof of the church, and thence through the firmament above, showed him seated, harp in hand, among the crowned choristers of the spiritual world.
Had you descended from the Pequod's try-works to the Pequod's forecastle, where the off duty watch were sleeping, for one single moment you would have almost thought you were standing in some illuminated shrine of canonized kings and counsellors.
By her law none may be canonized until he hath lain dead four generations.
The infidel Jew it was merit with heaven to deal with him as I did, else wherefore are men canonized who dip their hands in the blood of Saracens?
Fourth--Some twelve or fifteen canonized Popes and martyrs.
The poor of her day had made her a fine funeral, with tears and benedictions; but, to their great regret, the pious maid had not been canonized, for lack of influence.
Louis XVI was executed because they said he was dishonorable and a criminal," came into Pierre's head, "and from their point of view they were right, as were those too who canonized him and died a martyr's death for his sake.
I think it is special that America's first Hispanic saint will be canonized on American soil by Pope Francis, who is the first Pope from Latin America.
NNA - Hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans crowded the Colombo seafront Wednesday as Pope Francis canonized the island's first saint in one of the biggest public gatherings the city has ever witnessed.
On April 27, two popes, John XXIII and John Paul II, will join the ranks of formally canonized saints of the Catholic church.
KATERI TEKAKWITHA A Mohawk/Algonquin, who died at age 24 in 1680 near Montreal, was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on Oct.
Only a select number of these drawings ever become outfits, but even fewer become so canonized as the alien lady drawing on an oversized, sequined tee/dress, that ended up being one of 13 outfits Beyonce wears in the video for her and Lady Gaga's "Video Phone.