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n. pl. can·on·ries
1. The office or dignity of a canon.
2. Canons considered as a group.


n, pl -ries
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the office, benefice, or status of a canon
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) canons collectively


(ˈkæn ən ri)

n., pl. -ries.
the office or benefice of a canon.


[ˈkænənrɪ] Ncanonjía f
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I," said he of the Grove, "shall be satisfied with a canonry for my services, and my master has already assigned me one.
When he retired he was rewarded with a much better living than any of the under-masters could hope for, and an honorary Canonry.
The organ part for the entire collection, "Organo", printed in 1653, Royal Canonry of Premonstratensians at Strahov, personal effects of Romuald Perlik.
6/8 canonry in wroclaw; part 2: comprehensive maintenance of cleanliness and washing windows in rooms, cleaning and grounds around the building of the faculty of biological sciences, ul.
The collection currently held at the old canonry in Bangor will be transferred to the Bishop's Palace once the building has been renovated.
68) of the composer-cleric's ill-fated, four-year battle over the expectative canonry at the collegiate church of St.
De Prades ultimately fled to Prussia when he was still quite young; Frederick the Great endowed him with a canonry in a small Silesian city after a meteoric rise and fall from grace at the king's court in the wake of the Seven Years' War, and accelerated by Voltaire's complicated relations with Frederick and with the young abbe.
He is grateful for the Canonry, sharing it with his people without whom he could have achieved little.
Commenting on his new appointment, he said: "Being offered an honorary canonry by the bishop is a great honour and I feel humbled and very privileged to be marked out in this way.
He bequeathed his library of Greek and Latin books to the library of the canonry of Florence Cathedral.
He was suspended and deprived of his canonry but not deprived of his parochial duties.