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1. The Jewish religious official who leads the musical part of a service.
2. The person who leads a church choir or congregation in singing; a precentor.

[Latin, singer, from canere, to sing; see kan- in Indo-European roots.]

can·to′ri·al (kăn-tôr′ē-əl, -tŏr′-) adj.


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) of or relating to a precentor
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) (of part of a choir) on the same side of a cathedral, etc, as the precentor; on the N side of the choir. Compare decanal
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This service will be led by Rabbi Bellows, Rabbi Prass, Cantorial soloist Heather Aranyi, and Kavannah.
Anisfeld will oversee an institution approaching its centennial that confers a wide range of degrees, including rabbinic and cantorial ordination.
Denied a place on the agenda, the women held a counter-session to publicly air their far-reaching demands: that women should be granted membership in synagogues; be counted in the minyan and considered as bound to fulfill all mitzvot equally with men; be allowed full participation in religious observances; be recognized as witnesses before the law; be allowed to initiate divorce; and be permitted and encouraged to attend rabbinical and cantorial schools.
Gevidmet teater, muzik, hazones un andere tsvaygn fun kunst" (Devoted to theater, music, cantorial music and other branches of art).
The women were among a group of 15 rabbinical, cantorial and Jewish education students from North America and Australia who joined about 200 men and women in an egalitarian service held Wednesday morning on the plaza behind the men's and women's sections.
As to repertoire, 62% sang classical, 21% music theater, 9% sang jazz, and 15% selected "other," indicating that they sang rock, pop, country, bluegrass, cantorial, choir or church music, or were a diction coach, singing voice specialist, or former professional.
Temple Sinai Cantorial Soloist Heather Klein, Bay Area trio Veretski Pass and other musicians will perform in a variety of genres, including Yiddish, Hebrew, opera, musical theatre, and art song
Unlike The Jazz Singer, which crosses heritage--"the cry of my race"--and practices--Jakie's cantorial acumen--for a proper identification of Jewishness (despite the spectrality of that heritage, regardless of how perfectly those practices map onto American popular entertainment), Gentleman's Agreement presumes no such differential predicates.
JTS had women in the cantorial program, but not as rabbis yet.
With more than 100 albums, in-depth essays and liner notes, oral histories, a 13-episode radio series hosted by Leonard Nimoy, and a vast collection of videos, the collection represents more than 200 composers and spans genres ranging from classical, klezmer and cantorial to Sephardi, Yiddish theater, jazz and more.
Kaplan was a life-long member of Temples Emanuel and Sinai, where he was also a cantorial soloist for 20 years, serving at each Temple.
Their sung music (performed by Abohay Aminov, Rafael Badalbaev, and Rustam Khodjimamedov) evoked both cantorial (Sephardic and Ashkenazic) and imam/ezan Muslim vocal traditions, and their instrumental music showed both monophonic and polyphonic styles.