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A short lighthearted air or song.

[From Italian canzonetta, diminutive of canzone; see canzone.]
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But Rosamond could also sing "Black-eyed Susan" with effect, or Haydn's canzonets, or "Voi, che sapete," or "Batti, batti"--she only wanted to know what her audience liked.
For instance, Caccini's canzonet, "Amor ch'attendi," from the 1614 Nuove musiche e nuova maniera di scriverla, is set to a tight quinario metric scheme, whose lines fall into S-w-w-S-w or w-S-w-S-w patterns, set in triple meter musically.
The second part (thirteen sonnets, with a Petrarchan canzonet and two madrigals) is unusual in its assertion of a vengeful attitude, pitted against the resilience of his love, figured as a phoenix.
They can be mailed to the Zeitounis' home - 23058 Canzonet St.
The results on display in this edition range from a grave and fine-wrought, almost Shakespearean, rendering of one of Michelangelo's sonnets for Vittoria Colonna to the following irresistible little carved cherry-stone titled "A Neapolitan Canzonet.
The music appears to be a canzonet or light madrigal for five or six voices, of which only three are now present.
However, an 11,718-square-foot lot on Canzonet Street had its rate go from $132 to $468.
Canzonet 3 ("Thus to the Muses"), for instance, opens with a stately [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] canon in which Venus ineffectually commands some muses to adorn her altar, lest her son "assume his potent darts.
The volume of Sacred Hymnes of 3, 4, 5 and 6 Parts for Voyces and Viols (London: Edward Allde, 1615) by the East Anglian composer John Amner (1579-1641) is also very welcome, and Morehen's argument that it belongs within The English Madrigalists series is strengthened by the fact that this composer was clearly much influenced by the secular forms of his day (the ballet--in which "Fa la" is replaced by "Alleluia"--and canzonet in particular), although the pieces with viols are as much in the idiom of the verse anthem as of the consort song.
A typical example is the review of Novello's canzonet "Concealed Love" in the number for May 1814:
452017399) Solo Thomas Augustine Six Canzonets London: J.
Stuart Wortley" contains Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari's Four canzonets & two duetts, with piano accompaniment, published in London in 1830 and dedicated to Miss Louisa Harcourt Stuart-Wortley (1788-1848).