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(ˈkæp m)

References in classic literature ?
My great-great-great-gran'father en yo' great-great-great-great-gran'father was Ole Cap'n John Smith, de highest blood dat Ole Virginny ever turned out, en his great-great-gran'mother, or somers along back dah, was Pocahontas de Injun queen, en her husbun' was a nigger king outen Africa-- en yit here you is, a slinkin' outen a duel en disgracin' our whole line like a ornery lowdown hound
If we run down this Black Dog, now, there'll be news for Cap'n Trelawney
I'll put on my old cockerel hat, and step along of you to Cap'n Trelawney, and report this here affair.
Come, now, what was he jawing--v'yages, cap'ns, ships?
Yes, I hear, I hear, Cap'n," said old John very deliberately, following the young master into the stable.
I'm Cap'n here, though, I'll have you to understand, you swab," shrieked Snipes, with a volley of frightful oaths.
You didn't think your Cap'n was a-goin' to dig with a shovel, did you?
The Cap'n 'd like to see ye a few minutes round to the office whin ye have time, Dempsey, me boy.
Cap'n Crunch Fuels Imaginations With Essay Contest About Legendary Pirate Jean LaFoote
You'll notice you don't control the brave Cap'n overly much.
In Pirates she plays the governor's daughter abducted by pirate Cap'n Jack, played by Depp.
Maybe a guy who's spent way too much time on the water,'' Depp mused about the shipless cap'n, who often seems on the verge of falling over.