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1. Having capacity or ability; efficient and able: a capable administrator. See Usage Note at able.
2. Having the ability required for a specific task or accomplishment; qualified: capable of winning.
3. Having the inclination or disposition: capable of violence.
4. Permitting an action to be performed: an error capable of remedy; a camera capable of being used underwater.

[Late Latin capābilis, from capere, to take; see kap- in Indo-European roots.]

ca′pa·ble·ness n.
ca′pa·bly adv.


1. having ability, esp in many different fields; competent
2. (foll by: of) able or having the skill (to do something): she is capable of hard work.
3. (foll by: of) having the temperament or inclination (to do something): he seemed capable of murder.
[C16: from French, from Late Latin capābilis able to take in, from Latin capere to take]
ˈcapableness n
ˈcapably adv


(ˈkeɪ pə bəl)

1. having power and ability; efficient; competent: a capable instructor.
2. capable of,
a. having the ability for: capable of writing music.
b. susceptible of: a situation capable of improvement.
c. predisposed to: capable of murder.
[1555–65; < Late Latin capābilis roomy]
ca′pa•ble•ness, n.
ca′pa•bly, adv.



Able and capable are both used to say that someone can do something.

1. 'able'

If someone is able to do something, they can do it either because of their knowledge or skill, or because it is possible.

He wondered if he would be able to climb over the fence.
They were able to use their profits for new investments.

If you use a past tense, you mean that someone has actually done something.

We were able to reduce costs.
2. 'capable'

If someone is capable of doing something, they have the knowledge and skill to do it.

The workers are perfectly capable of running the organization themselves.

You can say that someone is capable of a particular feeling or action.

He's capable of loyalty.
I don't believe he's capable of murder.

You can also use capable of when you are talking about what something such as a car or machine can do.

The car was capable of 110 miles per hour.
3. 'able' or 'capable'

If you describe someone as able or capable, you mean that they do things well.

He's certainly a capable gardener.
Naomi was a hard-working and able student.
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Adj.1.capable - (usually followed by `of') having capacity or ability; "capable of winning"; "capable of hard work"; "capable of walking on two feet"
competent - properly or sufficiently qualified or capable or efficient; "a competent typist"
incapable - (followed by `of') lacking capacity or ability; "incapable of carrying a tune"; "he is incapable of understanding the matter"; "incapable of doing the work"
2.capable - possibly accepting or permitting; "a passage capable of misinterpretation"; "open to interpretation"; "an issue open to question"; "the time is fixed by the director and players and therefore subject to much variation"
susceptible - (often followed by `of' or `to') yielding readily to or capable of; "susceptible to colds"; "susceptible of proof"
3.capable - (followed by `of') having the temperament or inclination for; "no one believed her capable of murder"
incapable - (followed by `of') not having the temperament or inclination for; "simply incapable of lying"
4.capable - having the requisite qualities forcapable - having the requisite qualities for; "equal to the task"; "the work isn't up to the standard I require"
adequate, equal - having the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task; "she had adequate training"; "her training was adequate"; "she was adequate to the job"; "he was equal to the task"
5.capable - have the skills and qualifications to do things wellcapable - have the skills and qualifications to do things well; "able teachers"; "a capable administrator"; "children as young as 14 can be extremely capable and dependable"
competent - properly or sufficiently qualified or capable or efficient; "a competent typist"


1. able, fitted, suited, adapted, adequate Such a weapon would be capable of firing conventional or nuclear shells.
able incapable


Having the ability to perform well:
قَادِرقادِرٌ عَلىقَديرٌ، بارِعٌ، كُفءٌ
dueligi stand tilkvalificeret
færhæfur, fær
...할 능력이 있는
có năng lực


[ˈkeɪpəbl] ADJ
1. (= competent) → competente, capaz
she's a very capable speakeres una oradora muy competente or capaz
she's very capablees muy competente or capaz
I can leave the matter in your very capable handssi te confío a ti el asunto, estará en buenas manos
2. (= able to) → capaz; (= predisposed towards) → susceptible
sports cars capable of reaching 150mphcoches deportivos que pueden alcanzar or que son capaces de alcanzar las 150 millas por hora
it's capable of some improvement (frm) → se puede mejorar algo
such men are capable of anythinghombres así son capaces de cualquier cosa


[ˈkeɪpəbəl] adjcapable
to be capable of sth [+ murder] → être capable de qch; [+ speed] → pouvoir atteindre qch
capable of doing sth (= able to) → capable de faire qch (= apt to) → capable de faire qch


(= skilful, competent)fähig, kompetent; mothergut
to be capable of doing somethingetw tun können; (person: = have physical, mental ability also) → fähig sein, etw zu tun; to be capable of somethingetw können, zu etw fähig sein; it’s capable of exploding any minutees kann jede Minute explodieren; it’s capable of speeds of up to …es erreicht Geschwindigkeiten bis zu; he’s capable of betterer ist zu Besserem fähig; the poem is capable of several interpretationsdas Gedicht lässt mehrere Interpretationsmöglichkeiten zu; capable of improvementverbesserungsfähig; he’s quite capable of changing his mind at the last minuteer bringt es fertig und ändert seine Meinung in der letzten Minute; thank you but I’m quite capable of doing that myselfdanke, ich kann das durchaus allein


[ˈkeɪpəbl] adj
a. (competent) → capace, abile
b. (able to) capable of (doing) sthin grado di fare qc, capace di fare qc
your son's capable of doing better at school → suo figlio potrebbe riuscire meglio a scuola
she's quite capable of letting someone else take the blame → sarebbe capace di dar la colpa a un altro


(ˈkeipəbl) adjective
1. clever especially in practical ways. She'll manage somehow – she's so capable!
2. (with of) clever enough to; likely to; able to. He is capable of doing better; He is quite capable of cheating us.
ˈcapably adverb
ˌcapaˈbility noun


قَادِر schopný duelig fähig ικανός capaz pystyvä capable sposoban capace ・・・ができる ...할 능력이 있는 capabel dyktig zdolny capaz способный skicklig ที่สามารถทำได้ muktedir có năng lực 有能力的


a. capaz; competente, hábil.


adj capaz
References in classic literature ?
What a life the old woman had led since she went away from the frontier settlement and what a strong, capable little old thing she was
Even the smaller ones look dangerous, and this one, which was about five feet long, looked capable of attacking a man and injuring him.
Ambrosch, Jake said, showed more human feeling than he would have supposed him capable of, but he was chiefly concerned about getting a priest, and about his father's soul, which he believed was in a place of torment and would remain there until his family and the priest had prayed a great deal for him.
Here has this gentleman invited me to a conference, and when I send him a capable substitute, for ye're all that, Duncan, though your years are but few, he answers me with a riddle.
And this probation officer, she, too, was capable, was she not?
A round, bustling, fire-ruddy housewife of the neighborhood burst breathless into the shop, fiercely demanding yeast; and when the poor gentlewoman, with her cold shyness of manner, gave her hot customer to understand that she did not keep the article, this very capable housewife took upon herself to administer a regular rebuke.
But I could imagine, even then, that, under some excitement which should go deeply into his consciousness -- roused by a trumpets real, loud enough to awaken all of his energies that were not dead, but only slumbering -- he was yet capable of flinging off his infirmities like a sick man's gown, dropping the staff of age to seize a battle-sword, and starting up once more a warrior.
It was one of those spacious farmhouses, with high- ridged but lowly sloping roofs, built in the style handed down from the first Dutch settlers; the low projecting eaves forming a piazza along the front, capable of being closed up in bad weather.
I knew at this hour, I think, as well as I knew later, what I was capable of meeting to shelter my pupils; but it took me some time to be wholly sure of what my honest ally was prepared for to keep terms with so compromising a contract.
Nothing was done, and nothing seemed capable of being done; those on deck rushed towards the bows, and stood eyeing the boom as if it were the lower jaw of an exasperated whale.
But supplementary to this, it has hypothetically occurred to me, that as ordinary fish possess what is called a swimming bladder in them, capable, at will, of distension or contraction; and as the Sperm Whale, as far as I know, has no such provision in him; considering, too, the otherwise inexplicable manner in which he now depresses his head altogether beneath the surface, and anon swims with it high elevated out of the water; considering the unobstructed elasticity of its envelop; considering the unique interior of his head; it has hypothetically occurred to me, I say, that those mystical lung-celled honeycombs there may possibly have some hitherto unknown and unsuspected connexion with the outer air, so as to be susceptible to atmospheric distension and contraction.
Why, the fact is, Haley, Tom is an uncommon fellow; he is certainly worth that sum anywhere,--steady, honest, capable, manages my whole farm like a clock.

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