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n. pl. cap·fuls
The amount that a cap can hold.
a capful of wind
A sudden breeze.


(Units) the amount that a cap can hold


(ˈkæp fʊl)

n., pl. -fuls.
the amount that a cap will hold.


 as much as a cap will contain.
Examples: capful of quartz, 1873; of wind, 1719.
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Noun1.capful - the quantity that a cap will hold
containerful - the quantity that a container will hold


[ˈkæpfʊl] N one capful to four litres of waterun tapón por cada cuatro litros de agua


n one capful to one litre of watereine Verschlusskappe auf einen Liter Wasser


[ˈkæpfʊl] n (measure of liquid) 3 capfuls to 4 litres of water3 tappi ogni 4 litri d'acqua
References in classic literature ?
I warrant you were frighted, wer'n't you, last night, when it blew but a capful of wind?
Pour a few capfuls in your bath, or massage the oil onto the areas that need attention.
Only a few hundred more capfuls to rehydrate him, but I know that in the stifling heat I am not going to last much longer in my full PPE.
Is it safe to add a few capfuls of denatured alcohol to the crankcase of my two older vehicles to remove oil sludge before I change the oil?
He said that two capfuls of bleach should be added in the bottle to protect the water so it doesn't turn green [with algae], as cleaner the bottle, the better.
Wakshlag recommends soaking it in a bleach solution (one to two capfuls of bleach per gallon of water) for at least 10 minutes.
Wakshlag advises soaking them in a solution of one to two capfuls of bleach per gallon of water for 10 minutes minimally and then washing them in warm water with mild detergent.
Do not boil Now add 2 capfuls of maple flavor and 2 capfuls of vanilla.