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Set A - Hanging Basket Kit: Two full size 12" metal baskets with strong three-strand chain, a capillary matting basket liner to retain moisture, compost, gardening gloves and two packets of seeds for just pounds 9.
First give all the plants a good soak then lay a sheet of polythene over the draining board and cover that with capillary matting.
Capillary matting will help extend the periods between watering in greenhouses and keep up humidity - which deters red spider mite.
If you are still learning, a fairly sound way of preventing under ( and over-watering is to use capillary matting which is available at garden centres and through some seed catalogues.
Alternatively,invest in some moisture- retentive capillary matting fed from a tin bath of water and sit your pots on the matting.
All you need is a draining board or similar waterproof surface close to a window, a sink and a length of capillary matting (from garden centres, about pounds 1.
A hanging basket kit of two 30cm metal baskets with strong 3-strand chain, capillary matting basket liner and 2 packets of flower seeds for pounds 9.
The tray is filled with water and pots are placed on a strip of capillary matting on a shelf which stands in the reservoir.
If you are still learning, a sound way of preventing under-and over-watering is to use capillary matting, a thin blanket which is kept either fully or partly soaked in water, according to the plants' needs, on which the pots are stood.
Trays in which to display smaller pot plants are also welcome, especially those like the Garland model with a reservoir of water and capillary matting.
If you can't prick them out immediately then keep them reasonably warm and damp - standing on capillary matting is ideal - to keep them healthy.
All you need is some capillary matting from a garden centre, bought either in a pack or by the metre.