capillary tubing

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Noun1.capillary tubing - a tube of small internal diametercapillary tubing - a tube of small internal diameter; holds liquid by capillary action
thermometer - measuring instrument for measuring temperature
tube, tubing - conduit consisting of a long hollow object (usually cylindrical) used to hold and conduct objects or liquids or gases
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Tenders are invited for Thermal Expansion Valve Of Capacity 7-1-2 Ton, Suitable For Refrigerant Use R-134A , Range,- 10F To Plus 50F, Capillary Tubing Length, 5Ft, Equalizer, External 1-4 Sae, Style, Angle, Inlet, 5-8 Odf Solder, Outlet, 7-8 Odf Solder, As Per Emerssion Make Tcle 7-1-2 Fw And Part No.
The MicroRT[TM] Aligner's design allows users to quickly guide MicroRT[TM] capillary tubing over and past their crystal and onto a goniometer base with very little risk of crystal contact or damage.
The system is run in conjunction with DynaCoil capillary injection tubing using specially engineered capillary tubing equipment.
today announced the sale of its capillary tubing units and related equipment to BJ Services Company for $16,250,000 in cash.
0% FSO accuracies for maximum economy, and variety of stem and capillary tubing lengths.
Texloc is a maker of industrial convoluted and corrugated tubing, high purity polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE) tubing for general industrial purposes and PTFE capillary tubing for instrumentation and medical devices.
Fluid channels and connections to capillary tubing are molded in PDMS using a silicon wafer template.
Before the advent of monolithic phases, particle-filled capillaries had to use permeable micro-frits to retain the stationary phase inside the capillary tubing.
The laser light is focused on the sample stream delivered by a piece of silicon capillary tubing 30-50 centimeters long and 40 micrometers in interior diameter.
Polymicro Technologies (a subsidiary of Molex): Multiple medical applications are available from the world's leading supplier of silica capillary tubing and specialty optical fibers, optical fiber and capillary assemblies, discrete micro components and quartz optical fiber ferrules.
With the Petro Rentals acquisition and the additional coiled tubing units on order, we expect to have a total of eight coiled tubing units and 14 capillary tubing units by December 31.
Polymicro Technologies manufactures specialty optical fiber, capillary tubing and assemblies.