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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of Hungary - capital and largest city of Hungarycapital of Hungary - capital and largest city of Hungary; located on the Danube River in north-central Hungary
Hungary, Magyarorszag, Republic of Hungary - a republic in central Europe
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Yes, the capital of Hungary is a pleasing amalgamation of the old cities of Buda (hilly and historic) and Pest (flat and more modern) which creates a tourist-friendly destination with loads to do.
Now the capital of Hungary, in its early days Budapest was two cities -- Bada and Pest -- occupying both sides of the Danube.
Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has one of the largest economies in central and eastern Europe and becomes the latest trade lane in Emirates SkyCargo s extensive worldwide network of more than 140 destinations.
Budapest DON'T MISS: More than 100 museums and just as many thermal wells and spas cover the capital of Hungary, with the National Museum - home of the crown jewels - the No1 sight.
From the capital of Hungary they had to fly to Frankfurt and then to Tallinn but Lufthansa canceled the flights from Budapest to Frankfurt.
Located in a country of innovators -- think vinyl records, CD-ROMs and the discovery of vitamin C -- Budapest is the sophisticated capital of Hungary, and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
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Prague and Budapest, the capital of Hungary, each have more than a dozen malls.
They spend weeks hyping the Super Bowl and then act shocked that most of us can't name the capital of Hungary.
The River Danube and several small streams crossing Budapest, the capital of Hungary with a population of 2 million, create ideal circumstances for urbanization of the life cycle of a parasite that involves water voles and red foxes.