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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of Japan - the capital and largest city of Japancapital of Japan - the capital and largest city of Japan; the economic and cultural center of Japan
Hondo, Honshu - the central and largest of the four main islands of Japan; between the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean; regarded as the Japanese mainland
Nihon, Nippon, Japan - a constitutional monarchy occupying the Japanese Archipelago; a world leader in electronics and automobile manufacture and ship building
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Simpson Thacher is representing Blackstone in connection with a recommended offer by entities controlled by Blackstone Real Estate Partners Asia and Blackstone Real Estate Partners VIII for the entire issued share capital of Japan Residential Investment Company Limited ("JRIC"), which was announced on 13 November 2015, at 72 pence per share.
Kyoto is the old imperial capital of Japan and, with its 1,600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines, is still considered to be the country's cultural centre.
As the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto is one of the most famous and popular cities in the country to view the splendour of this natural phenomenon in its full beauty.
Tokyo, the capital of Japan - a country that has never had a positive test by an athlete in either the Olympics or the Paralympics - went on to win the IOC vote comfortably, beating Istanbul by 60 to 36 votes in the final round after Madrid had been eliminated.
THE Kansai region has long been overshadowed by the high-tech party capital of Japan 500km to its west.
During the final days of World War II, fearing destruction of his research building and hence loss of his collection of Mochizuki and other isolated dengue virus strains, he put virus vials in a thermos bottle filled with wet ice and carried it at all times, totally unaware that Kyoto had been excluded as an Allied Forces bombing target because of its historical heritage as ancient capital of Japan.
The Governor of Nara, the Buddhist capital of Japan, said Pakistan had special civilizational links.
Kyoto, once the imperial capital of Japan, is famed for its temples
Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the most populous metropolitan area in the world.
The Kyoto Echo Choir was founded in 1962 by Keiichi Asai with the ambition to create the world's best choir in the ancient city of Kyoto, former capital of Japan.
Exceptionally rich in beauty, history, spirituality and culture, Kyoto draws 50 million visitors annually to experience the former capital of Japan and its 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Morita hails from Kyoto, which was the imperial capital of Japan for more than a thousand years.