capital of Lithuania

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of Lithuania - the capital and largest city of Lithuaniacapital of Lithuania - the capital and largest city of Lithuania; located in southeastern Lithuania
Lietuva, Lithuania, Republic of Lithuania - a republic in northeastern Europe on the Baltic Sea
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The capital of Lithuania is one of the most visited cities in Eastern Europe.
1991: Around 13 people are killed and at least 140 injured as Soviet troops continue to attack Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.
From Stuttgart in Germany, we drove west to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, and then to Poland's Capital Warsaw before arriving t Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.
Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, was the first city of all post–soviet countries and the new EU member states to be designated the European Capital of Culture back in 2009.
In a related development, the EU accused Russia of applying pressures on President Viktor Yanukovych not to sign the Eastern Partnership (EaP) deal during the third Eastern Partnership Summit, held in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, on November 28-29.
It was to have been signed Friday at an EU summit in the capital of Lithuania, and the passing of that date sparked an especially large turnout of protesters.
TyFLyS (CyHAN)- Foreign Ministers of Sweden and Poland Carl Bildt and Radoslaw Sikorski will visit Georgia on Monday as part of a tour that covers visits to Moldova and Ukraine before Vilnius summit of Eastern Partnership of the European Union, which will be held in the capital of Lithuania in late November.
president Mahmoud Abbas in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, that the
On 4-6 December 2013 the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania along with the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology will hold the first Vilnius Innovation Forum Innovation Drift in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.
It's a historic moment that is witness to the fact that art is a truly universal language," says Arturas Zuokas, Mayor of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.
Secretary of State John Kerry held informal discussions with his fellow diplomats Saturday in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, which currently holds the European Union's rotating chair.
4432x Second place in the good value league goes to Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, followed by Warsaw (PS151.