capital of Oklahoma

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of Oklahoma - capital and largest city of Oklahomacapital of Oklahoma - capital and largest city of Oklahoma; the economy is based on oil and livestock
OK, Oklahoma, Sooner State - a state in south central United States
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Catalyst/Hall, which was formed in 2002 by affiliates of The Catalyst Group and Hall Brothers Capital of Oklahoma City, formally ceased investing in 2006, but both Catalyst and Hall Brothers Capital continue to manage equity and debt funds seeking investment opportunities in manufacturing, distribution, and service companies with solid, defensible business franchises and a defined requirement for capital.
National Capital of Oklahoma City, a NASD Market Maker, assisted MediQuik with the re-listing process, and will begin trading the Company's publicly traded securities on the OTCBB beginning Feb.
Lee's home is in the township of Perry, situated about 60 miles from the State capital of Oklahoma City.