capital of Switzerland

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of Switzerland - the capital of Switzerlandcapital of Switzerland - the capital of Switzerland; located in western Switzerland
Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Swiss Confederation, Switzerland - a landlocked federal republic in central Europe
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Mr Al Ansari and Mr D'Aniello were former Licensed Directors of First Capital of Switzerland Investment Bank Limited (FCSIB), a former Authorised Firm in the DIFC.
Al Ansari and D'Aniello were former licensed directors of First Capital of Switzerland Investment Bank Limited (FCSIB), a former authorised firm in the DIFC.
STARWOOD Hotels & Resorts Worldwide has announced the opening of the new Sheraton Zurich Hotel, marking the brand's second hotel in the financial capital of Switzerland, since being introduced into the country more than 40 years ago.
Al-Jazeera news network in a breaking news claimed that secret talks between Iran and Syrian groups were held in Bern, capital of Switzerland.
First Capital of Switzerland Investment Bank (FCSIB) has been recognized as the "Best Investment Bank in the UAE" for 2012 by critically acclaimed magazine World Finance.
Al-Deqbasi told KUNA following the conclusion of the 125th conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in the capital of Switzerland (Bern), "The Arab Parliament discussed the situation in the region with the parliamentary delegations participating from all over the world who have shown a clear interest in what happens in the Arab World".
Abu Dhabi The DIFC-based First Capital of Switzerland Investment Bank announced yesterday it would launch two investment funds with a capital of $1 billion (Dh3.
This enchanting city, which sits on the Rhine to the north of Bern, is often described as the cultural capital of Switzerland.
The capital of Switzerland is a diverse and beautiful medieval city that dates back to 1191.
Of course, it is not only multinational firms that need these schools, as Schranz says: "Being the only international school in the capital of Switzerland, it is of utmost importance for the diplomatic community that ISBerne has places available at all times.