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Plural of capitulum.
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Larinus minutus emergence from capitula collected weekly from 3 release sites in the Ozark Plateau region of Arkansas in 2011.
Onorio III stabilisce che i capitoli, attraverso i loro rappresentanti, devono essere ammessi a partecipare al concilio provinciale, <<maxime super illis, quae ipsa capitula contingere dignoscuntur>>.
In addition to filigreed capitals, the Gesta provides uncolored capitula marks within the main body of the text to indicate textual units.
The seeds are tetragonal, hairless, the alternate leaves are toothed or lobed and the capitula are large, solitary and located at the apex of branches.
Quien escribe hace preguntas, refiere episodios, pero no capitula con la indiscrecion.
In the panicula of spikelets, the branches may have their internodes more or less lengthened or completely shortened, looking like lateral capitula or heads (densely paniculate inflorescence; Scirpodendron Zipp.
Y con este sentido lo encontramos en varios Capitulares (806-813, 853) y en los Capitula del arzobispo Hincmar de Reims (877), quien se refiere alfodro ad caballos (44.
Se encontraba despues de los salmos y la lectura de la capitula, abriendo la seccion eucologica (himno, preces, oracion conclusiva).
7(-1) cm latae, apice acutae vel obtusae, basi cuneatae, margine integro vel sparsim serrulato, triplinervatae, strigulosae, supra virides, infra pallide virides; capitula solitaria, pedunculi 2-19 cm longi ad apicem turbinati; phyllaria 7-9 valde inaequilonga, longiora 4-8 mm longa, strigulosa; flores radii (6-)8, ligulis 7-14 mm longis, 5-7 mm latis, luteis; flores disci 50-90, corollis 2.
Capitula often resemble the lipid-rich elaiosomes that are present on the seeds of some plants, and which are a favorite food of ants (Compton & Ware 1991).
Moreover, there is a lack of studies on longevity of capitula and its relationship to reproductive success.
hoc opusculum aggressus sum, quod per quasdam particulas, quasi per quedam capitula distinguere curavi, ex quibus velut quibusdam funiculis factum et compositum resultet flagellum fascineriorum.