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Of or relating to a chapter, especially an ecclesiastical chapter.

[Medieval Latin capitulāris, from capitulum, chapter; see chapter.]

ca·pit′u·lar·ly adv.


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) of or associated with a cathedral chapter
2. (Botany) of or relating to a capitulum
3. (Anatomy) of or relating to a capitulum
[C17: from Medieval Latin capitulāris, from capitulum chapter]
caˈpitularly adv


(kəˈpɪtʃ ə lər)
1. pertaining to an ecclesiastical or other chapter.
[1605–15; < Medieval Latin capitulāris=capitul(um) chapter + Latin -āris -ar1]
ca•pit′u•lar•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.capitular - of or pertaining to an ecclesiastical chapter; "capitular estates"
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In addition, the Archivo Capitular houses separately a small but significant number of earlier chant volumes previously cataloged and integral to the Toledan liturgy, dating from as early as the last quarter of the eleventh century, and through to the last quarter of the fifteenth century.
20) Angel Rodriguez Sanchez, 'La clientela capitular del Dean de Coria a finales del siglo XVI', in Francisco Jose Aranda Perez, Sociedad y elites eclesiasticas en la Espana moderna (Cuenca: Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, 2000), p.
Typically only a single setting is found in a given source, with multiple arrangements appearing only in Petrucci's collections (interspersed with unrelated musical compositions) and in a cluster of three settings found in a manuscript in the Archivo Capitular of Segovia's Santa Iglesia Catedral.
Another copy is in Seville, Biblioteca Capitular y Colombina, ms.
Vale ressaltar que, desde fins do seculo XVIII, a religiao passou a ser considerada tambem um meio de instrucao pelo qual se "adquirem as virtudes de amar e temer a Deus, obedecer e amar aos soberanos", segundo Francisco Gomes Villasboas, vigario capitular do bispado do Rio de Janeiro.
Edited by Australian musicologist Jane Monet Hardie, volume 2 of the composer's collected works (published by the Institute of Mediaeval Music) now makes available Penalosa's Lamentations of Jeremiah, which are uniquely preserved in one of the most important manuscript sources for the early Renaissance repertory in Spain-- Tarazona, Archivio Capitular de la Cathedral, MSS 2-3.
Zapke's edition complements the recent CANTUS index of the antiphoner Toledo, Biblioteca Capitular, MS 44.
Fondos de musica de tecla de Domenico Scarlatti conservados en el archivo capitular de Zaragoza.
The discovering of his autographical hymn in the Ortona Capitular Library and of information about his death in Sulmona in 1802 (9) open a new field for research about this composer who left Naples and spent the rest of his life in the Abruzzi.
Bayly mismo afirma: "el acto de escribir es eso mismo: morir y revivir, capitular y triunfar, mirarse en el espejo y huir despavorido de uno mismo y regresar de esa fuga siendo otro, y siendo acaso mejor, mas consciente de sus debilidades y limitaciones, de su miserable condicion humana" (Freundt-Thurne 22).
As notable success was achieved in these joints, the indications were extended to other diarthrodial surfaces, including talar, tibial, humeral capitular, and, recently, femoral head lesions.
25 September 1469 the canons of Valencia Cathedral asked 'Nicolao Florentino' to produce a trial demonstration fresco of the Adoration of the Magi, still extant but in a ruined state (Sala Capitular, Valencia Cathedral).