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A dish of eggplant, tomato, and other vegetables, cooked in olive oil and served at room temperature, often as an appetizer.

[Italian caponata, capponata, from cappone, capon (probably as in cappone di galera (literally, "galley capon"), a sailor's dish of cold moistened hardtack and other ingredients), from Old Italian, from Latin cāpō, cāpōn-.]


(Cookery) (in Sicilian cookery) a dish of fried seasoned aubergine and other vegetables, served as an appetizer
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A word to the wise: bruschettas, caponatas, and tapenades (chopped olives in olive oil) can harbor just 20 or 30 calories, but they can also hit 130 calories, thanks largely to their olives and oil.
Bruschetta's dose cousin, caponata, is made of diced eggplant, tomatoes, and onions cooked in olive oil anal seasoned with olives and capers in a sweet-sour sauce.
But here are the caponatas, the chard and Castelluccio lentils, polenta and Taleggio.
Imported balsamic vinegar (in 1979) was among the first finds the store introduced to cooks in this country followed by other Mediterranean imports including sun-dried tomatoes, pesto in jars, olive oils, olive pastes, pastas, caponatas in tins and more.