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1. A long, usually hooded cloak or coat.
2. (also kä-pō′tĕ) A large, usually purple and yellow cape used in maneuvering the bull especially during the initial stage of a bullfight.

[French, from Old French capote, capette, diminutive of cape, cloak, from Medieval Latin cāpa; see cape1.]


(kəˈpəʊt; French kapɔt)
(Clothing & Fashion) a long cloak or soldier's coat, usually with a hood
[C19: from French: cloak, from cape; see cape1]


(Biography) Truman. 1924–84, US writer; his novels include Other Voices, Other Rooms (1948) and In Cold Blood (1964), based on an actual multiple murder



a long cloak with a hood.
[1790–1800, Amer.; < French, derivative of cape cape]


(kəˈpoʊ ti)

Truman, 1924–84, U.S. novelist and playwright.
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Noun1.capote - a long overcoat with a hood that can be pulled over the head
greatcoat, overcoat, topcoat - a heavy coat worn over clothes in winter
2.capote - a long cloak with a hood that can be pulled over the headcapote - a long cloak with a hood that can be pulled over the head
cloak - a loose outer garment
References in classic literature ?
She picked up one of the drakes and ruffled his green capote with her fingers.
The general style of the capote is the same in all the islands, and will remain so for the next ten thousand years, but each island shapes its capotes just enough differently from the others to enable an observer to tell at a glance what particular island a lady hails from.
For days they suffered the doleful rigors and retchings of sea-sickness, lurking below in their berths in squalid state, or emerging now and then like spectres from the hatchways, in capotes and blankets, with dirty nightcaps, grizzly beard, lantern visage and unhappy eye, shivering about the deck, and ever and anon crawling to the sides of the vessel, and offering up their tributes to the windward, to infinite annoyance of the captain.
Cannon and musketry, mingling together, thundered on the right and in the center, while the capotes of Lannes' sharpshooters were already seen crossing the milldam and forming up within twice the range of a musket shot.
The story, written by Jay Presson Allen, is based on two evenings with Truman Capote as he bemoans his fall from society's grace while ingesting vodka, pills, and chocolates.
The game's star was Cuban-born Capote whose tally included a crucial goal with less than two minutes remaining to give Qatar a slender two goal advantage.
20) Certainly, Capote includes a great deal of grotesquerie in Other Voices, Other Rooms, but these gothic tropes serve to highlight the plight of his sentimental gay and lesbian characters, not to construct them as freaks.
The empty sky of morning, drained and pure'), which is Truman Capote's voice, but Capote by way of Alain Robbe-Grillet.
Truman Capote, whom Goldstein cites as a "leading practitioner,' did not mingle fact with fiction in In Cold Blood, an extraordinarily careful book; neither did Tom Wolfe ever create composite characters, except in an obviously rhetorical way.
A clever mix of the funny and the deeply serious, Capote is a subtle but searing and totally absorbing film.
The LA Film Critics cited Hoffman for bringing a striking dedication, passion, intelligence and complexity to the role of Truman Capote.
Brokeback Mountain, The Constant Gardener and Good Night And Good Luck are up against Capote and Crash for best film.