capric acid

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cap·ric acid

[From Latin caper, capr-, goat (from its smell).]

capric acid

(Elements & Compounds) another name for decanoic acid
[C19: from Latin caper goat, so named from its smell]

cap′ric ac′id

(ˈkæp rɪk)
an organic acid, C10H20O2, found as a glyceride in goat fat: used in making perfumes and flavorings.
[1830–40; < Latin capr-, s. of caper goat (see caper1) + -ic]
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Noun1.capric acid - a fatty acid found in animal oils and fats; has an unpleasant smell resembling goats
saturated fatty acid - a fatty acid whose carbon chain cannot absorb any more hydrogen atoms; found chiefly in animal fats
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67 g capric acid (C10:0), and trace amounts of caprylic acid (C8:0) and caproic acid (C6:0), whereas soybean oil had almost no MCFA (Table 2).
boulardii has been found to significantly inhibit Candida adhesion, hyphae growth, and biofilm formation, an effect mediated by capric acid secretion.
Eventually, the team identified capric acid, undecanoic acid and laurie acid as active compounds.
Analyses revealed a number of organic chemicals, including formic acid, acetic acid and capric acid, Hilts said.
Coconut oil also contains caprylic acid and capric acid, both natural antifungals known to fight yeast overgrowth.
The primary fats in coconut oil are lauric and capric acid, which have anti-fungal properties.