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Incision into a capsule, especially that of the crystalline lens of the eye, as to remove cataracts by surgery.
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2% brimonidine in terms of mean reduction of intraocular pressure to prevent post neodymium: Yatrium-aluminium garnet (Nd: YAG) laser capsulotomy pressure spike.
An incision is made posteriorly of the lateral malleolus and, after identification and protection of the sural nerve, capsulotomy is performed to find the os trigonum or hypertrophic posterior process, which is subsequently removed.
28) It is easily treated with a Nd:YAG laser capsulotomy.
Objective: To perform a meta-analysis on the precision and safety of femtosecond laser-assisted anterior capsulotomy versus conventional manual continuous curvilinear capsulorrhexis.
The study compared the real-world incidence of the Nd:YAG laser capsulotomy procedure to treat PCO in the first three years after cataract surgery among patients implanted with hydrophobic AcrySof monofocal IOLs (n = 13,330 eyes) versus patients implanted with non-AcrySof hydrophilic and hydrophobic monofocal IOLs (n = 19,807 and 19,025 eyes, respectively).
The first innovative idea to advance the safety of phacoemulsification was to develop a new technique of capsulotomy.
The hip capsule was exposed and a capsulotomy was performed, without dislocating the hip, to expose the femoral head-neck junction.
A 'Z' pattern insulin needle was prepared for capsulotomy and performed in a circular pattern.
The most challenging part of the procedure, Brillis said, is capsulotomy but also breaking the lens into small pieces, to be removed.
The most common modern psychosurgical procedures are limbic leucotomy, capsulotomy, cingulotomy and subcaudate tractotomy and involve a close collaboration between psychiatrists and neurosurgeons.
To overcome these problems, we used traditional approaches to the hip joint and introduced the arthroscopic instruments through a small anterior capsulotomy incision without hip dislocation.