captain's chair

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cap·tain's chair

A wooden chair having a low back with extensions that curve forward to provide armrests.

cap′tain's chair`

a chair having a rounded back formed by a rail resting upon vertical spindles.
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Noun1.captain's chair - a wooden armchair with a saddle seat and a low back that has vertical spindles
armchair - chair with a support on each side for arms
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In fact, the steward would almost invariably come up to me, sitting in the captain's chair at the head of the table, to say in a grave murmur, "The captain asks for one more slice of meat and two potatoes.
The popular Harry Potter actor - and newest occupant of the captain's chair on the returning Star Trek - responded to urgent pleas for help to launch the dazzling showcase.
He has recovered from a tight calf problem and after a difficult first campaign in the captain's chair wants to sign off by clinching third spot.
Pine trades in the captain's chair of the Enterprise for the helm of the rescue boat, a woefully undersized vessel for such a large-scale rescue in seas raging with giant waves.
Beyond the Horizon: Sailing Around the World on "Columbine" has only one prerequisite for complete enjoyment; and that requirement is an overall interest in sailing-whether it be from an armchair or from the captain's chair.
The boys loved it on board, on the bridge and sitting in the captain's chair.
and sitting in the captain's chair Dean Bradley It arrived in North Shields at Whitehill Point in the Port of Tyne on Thursday and while in port the ship, which is twinned with Tynemouth, will also be the last stop on this year's Help for Heroes ABC charity motorcycle ride out today.
A Pakistan captain's chair has always been on a rotational basis.
Leading the pack in this statement of style is Virat Kohli, the heir apparent to the captain's chair.
Karl Urban as grumpy Doctor Bones plays a vital role, John Cho's Sulu gets a stint in the Captain's chair and Simon Pegg - whose Scottish accent is more settled - has real fun as engineer Scotty, and even gets involved in some of the phaser battle action scenes.
The Hawker's cabin is configured with eight seats: club seating for four passengers, a three-person divan, and one captain's chair.
But, no matter which Sunchaser you choose, you'll enjoy a luxurious captain's chair, pop-up change room hidden in the lounge, and an impressive console fully loaded with instrumentations and a premium stereo with MP3 connection that comes standard.