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Noun1.captive finance company - a finance company owned by a manufacturer to finance dealers' inventories or to make loans to consumers buying the company's products
finance company - a financial institution (often affiliated with a holding company or manufacturer) that makes loans to individuals or businesses
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Young joined the company in 2014 as chief operating officer, responsible for building out Yamaha's new captive finance company.
As a captive finance company, the primary business of CNH Industrial Capital LLC and its subsidiaries is to underwrite and manage financing products for end-use customers and dealers of CNH Industrial America LLC and CNH Industrial Canada Ltd.
We are very proud to be the first automotive-owned captive finance company to have made the commitment and investment in Islamic finance, forming a joint venture to be able to serve our customers, while respecting their culture and beliefs.
The new company will be involved in the finance business as a captive finance company, mainly offering finance services for Hino trucks and buses with the aim of strengthening customer relations.
NASDAQ: NTWK) said that it has signed an agreement to implement NetSol Financial Suite's Wholesale Finance System (WFS) module with a leading Japanese auto captive finance company based in Thailand.
The facility is scheduled to be guaranteed by Textron's captive finance company, Textron Financial Corporation (TFC).
These dynamics are not expected to impact captive finance company ratings, given the continued strength of credit metrics relative to historical averages, and the direct ratings linkages to corporate parents which are themselves generally exhibiting improved credit profiles.
A wholly-owned subsidiary and captive finance company of General Motors Company (GM) (NYSE:GM), General Motors Financial Company Inc (the company) disclosed on Monday that combined with its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary GMAC UK plc (GMAC UK) and Ally Financial Inc, a purchase transaction was closed on 2 January 2015, under which the company and GMAC UK acquired Ally's 40% equity interest in SAIC-GMAC Automotive Finance Company Limited (formerly known as GMAC-SAIC Automotive Finance Company Limited) (SAIC-GMAC), a finance operations joint venture (JV) in China.