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A video camera mounted inside a windshield and pointed outward, as to monitor the actions of police officers or to record accidents in order to determine insurance liability.

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Apparently neither cop's body camera was switched on, nor was the squad car camera recording when the gun was fired.
CAR camera sales are booming as drivers try to reduce their soaring insurance premiums.
Student photographers on the Higher National Certicate and Diploma courses saw for themselves how the professionals take action shots of cars for advertising and magazines, when Car Camera Rig did a demo with a rig-mounted camera.
Contract Awarded for Procurement of intelligent test car camera system (wedge tightness of intelligent control and testing platform system), The generator stator wedge tightness detector 1 set each
He has also asked for the public's help in identifying a man pictured by a capture car camera recently.
99 top-of-the-range Snooper S5R car camera detector, picking up one up for a bargain pounds 239.
The ferocious gunfight that ensued was captured on video tape by a patrol car camera.
THE Japanese have invented a car camera which allows motorists to 'see around bends'.
The patrol car camera captures the images of several faces, which are sent to a processor in the car.
If he switches the camera off, or goes out of the transmission distance of a few hundred feet, the car camera automatically activates, Perez said.
The Old Bailey jury was shown footage of the bomb going off captured on a police traffic car camera.
Tenders are invited for Supply of In Car Camera System Upgrade & Accessories